Gayatri Mercantile Pvt Ltd. established in 1999 is a leading Trading and Marketing Company in India. Since its inception, the company has gone from strength to strength and become one of the significant players in its area of operation. It has diversified operationally and geographically within PAINTS, PLASTIC FILM, PAPER, FOIL and IRON & STEEL SCRAP, IRON ORE markets and BEAUTY & BATH PRODUCTS & COSMETICS markets.

Our expertise in the key areas of procurement, logistics and application has kept us ahead of competition. Our reputation has been built on original and quality products at competitive prices. All are products are imported from the United States. The quality and class of our products is non comparable to the locally manufactured or locally sourced products or even to the ones sourced from the neighboring Asian countries. Because of our strong relationship with our suppliers, we are able to supply these products at reasonable prices.


Our main products are US imported PAINTS, PLASTIC FILM, PAPER, FOIL and IRON & STEEL SCRAP, IRON ORE, BATH & SPA products, HAIR CARE products and COSMETICS.

Corporate Values

At Gayatri Mercantile, we believe that good corporate governance is the foundation up to, which we build, and achieve our goals and provide value to our customer and the communities in which we live. To us, treating our customers ethically means anticipating our customer's needs and meeting their expectation by supplying quality products and services and by providing the best value.



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