The PAINTS imported by us from USA are manufactured by one of the largest paint manufacturers of the world. Apart from manufacturing in their own name they have been manufacturing for the Departmental stores in USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

We are importing these paints from the excess inventories of the Manufacturer. The manufacturer withdraws from the market due to excess inventory at the departmental stores and sometimes due to Brand discontinuation. Thus what the customer gets is still the best quality but at a much discounted price.

All these paints are Acrylic based latex Paints, which are superior in quality to the premium brands of Legends like Asian Paints, Goodlass Nerolac, Berger and Shalimar Paints.

Outstanding features of Wall Paint and Wall Finishes

100% acrylic latex formulation
Water based - tools (brushes, rollers & pans) can be cleaned with water. No solvents needed.
Quick drying
High opacity-only one coat of paint needed on most surfaces
Painted surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water solution.
Long lasting-lasts many years without cracking or peeling
Environmentally friendly- Biodegradable
Anti Fungus
Resistant to U.V. Radiation

We specialize in a variety of products such as

Interior & Exterior Household Paints
Industrial Paints & Chemical Coatings
Interior & Exterior Stains/Varnish
Marine Paints & Epoxies
Traffic Marking Paints
Automotive Paints
Household & Industrial Cleaning Products
Sealants & Adhesives
Paint Applicator

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